Max Kirsten is an award-winning Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, The Sleep Coach, Success Coach and author

Max Kirsten practices advanced hypnotherapy in London and is an internationally recognised Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Sleep Coach. He holds a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice SQHP through the General Hypnotherapy Register GHR and has completed many thousands of hours of clinical work.

He uses all the latest techniques in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), TFT, Heavening, NLP Success coaching™ and advanced stress management at The Max Kirsten Clinic – located in Knightsbridge London.  He has also created a series of award-winning Hypnotherapy and NLP ‘Life Change’ Apps®’ for the iPhone and iPad, also for MP3 players, and is a published ‘Self Help and Personal Development’ author. See our Hypnosis Downloads page.

Max has worked with some of the biggest names in the fields of Politics, Media, Film, Television, and Sports industries. Many articles about his work have appeared on National Television, Public TV, Radio, National Newspapers and Magazines.


Make that Change in your life

Achieving change on your own can be difficult. Although we may have the best willpower in the world, it’s likely we’ll revert back to old behaviours and habits again and again until we’re able to fully re-program ourselves to behave as a new person.

Max focuses on helping people make major, long-lasting transformational changes to their lives and to take control in order to achieve their goals. Max specialises in anxiety related sleep issues such as chronic and acute insomnia, as well as smoking cessation, addictions, anxiety, stress management, weight issues, eating disorders, phobias, study and sport performance anxiety, public speaking, break-through solution based therapy, and achieving optimal health through hypnosis, NLP and dynamic therapy in London.

Let him help you to ‘Make that Change’.  Book an appointment today or buy one of his award-winning Apps from anywhere in the world. Visit his Apps and Downloads.

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