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Max is an Award-winning Clinical Hypnotherapist, Smoking Cessation Specialist, Certified Sleep Coach, Addictions Specialist, NLP Success Coach, Motivational Speaker and author. He has a series of award-winning Hypnotherapy and NLP ‘Life Change’ Apps® for the iPhone, Android and MP3 players.

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“Changing the world, one mind at a time.” ~ Max Kirsten

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About Max:  Max is an Award-winning hypnotherapist who has helped many high profile names including ‘Hello’ singer Adele as reported in the world press to stop smoking, and numerous A-list film actors and directors including Tom Hardy and Ewan McGregor OBE.

He’s an internationally recognised Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified Sleep Coach, Cognitive Addiction Specialist and NLP Success Coach.  He holds a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice SQHP through the General Hypnotherapy Register GHR and has completed many thousands of hours of clinical work. Read More.

He uses the latest techniques in Advanced Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and teaches ‘Mindfulness based’ Autogenic Training for overcoming Sleep and insomnia issues at The Max Kirsten Clinic – located in Knightsbridge London.

He has created a series of award-winning Hypnotherapy and NLP ‘Life Change’ Apps® for the iPhone, Android and MP3 players, and is also a successful published ‘Self-help’ and ‘Personal Development’ author. See his Hypnosis Downloads page.

Hypnotherapy in London with Hypnotherapist Max Kirsten.

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Max Kirsten Hypnotherapy & NLP
Max Kirsten Hypnotherapy & NLP

The Sleep Coach

Max Kirsten is the Sleep Coach. He successfully treats Insomnia in London and other anxiety based sleep conditions. He holds ‘one to one’ better sleep training sessions at his Insomnia sleep clinic in Knightsbridge, in Central London.

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