Hypnotherapy for Quit Smoking Success with Max Kirsten

13 Keys to Boost your Quit Smoking Success

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Ok: So here are my extra special tips to help you commit to being a non-smoker.  To make sure that in the first few days ( or weeks, or months) you manage to stay stopped – having gone through all the hard work of quitting smoking – detoxifying from nicotine is essential.  It only takes three days to do this, allowing your body to get used to the absence of nicotine that is, as well as all the other poisons involved, including hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, arsenic, and many other carcinogens hidden within the smoke inside the brown tar.

Obviously it goes without saying, that if you are to get off nicotine, continuing to take nicotine products – such as e-cigs, nicotine gums and nicotine sprays – only prolongs the uneasy feelings of slow withdrawal. I compare this with taking off plaster from your skin slowly compared to the quick ‘rip and off’. This allows a less painful and quick way to adapt to the absence of nicotine. Ironically, although it’s hard to see it clearly when you’re in the middle of it, Nicotine is actually the main cause of feeling uneasy. This is due to the fact that it speeds up your heart rate, causing mild feelings of agitation, which paradoxically only seem to go away by having another temporary fix of nicotine.  In fact,this is not too dissimilar to the feeling of having slightly too much caffeine.

So here the 13 keys to boost your quit smoking success!

  1. Commit to quit. Having made this life-saving decision there is no going back no matter what.
  2. Get your teeth professionally cleaned as soon as possible.
  3. Get your clothes dry-cleaned
  4. Spring clean your house
  5. Clean the car so it doesn’t smell of smoke
  6. Eat glucose tablets to combat cravings
  7. Clean your teeth straight after a meal
  8. Get down to the gym or take brisk walks. A new study has shown that people who exercise are 55 per cent more likely to quit—and 43 per cent less likely to relapse into smoking, too.
  9. Avoid smokers and smoky environments for a while and hang out with ‘non-smokers’.
  10. Assert your right not to smoke and not to breath other people’s smoke.
  11. Develop a new hobby or interest to increase the quality of your life.
  12. Remove yourself from stressful situations if possible.
  13. Let friends and family know when you have become a ‘non-smoker’.

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Good luck!
Never take another puff again in 2015!