9 Bullet-Proof Ways To Become Slim and Healthy by Max Kirsten

How to get slim and healthy – 10 expert tips

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Tatler CoverLet’s face it, to how to get slim and healthy is the hottest topic around, but it takes a little more than just drinking lots of water and eating a few more greens. Yo-yo dieting and spurts of exercise are rarely successful too. Max Kirsten offers individualised programs from his world renown Kensington clinic, tailored to your specific needs. Max has also published a series of award winning apps that will provide you with the skills to make healthier choices, informing you about proper nutrition, ways to get slim and healthy, exercise, lifestyle and sleep.

[su_heading size=”30″]Max Kirsten has created 10 expert tips to help you to get slim and healthy[/su_heading]

1. Cleanse to kickstart your ‘get slim and healthy program’

There is no better way to kick-start your get slim program than to begin with a deep, full body cleanse.  Now this doesn’t mean starving yourself for a week (starving yourself is never the answer to weight loss and is ineffective and dangerous).  Cleansing is about re-setting your body system so your nutrition can get you back on track.

It’s a fact that our bodies are being bombarded with toxins and other slow poisons daily; not good for any get healthy campaign.  They are hidden in our food and the environment around us. That being said, your body is already a ‘superhero’ at continuously detoxifying itself.  So, unless you are detoxing from drugs, the body really doesn’t need very much to help it fight these toxins.  Drinking pure water, reducing all processed foods to zero, and living on vegetables and fruits for 3 days can give your body the boost it needs to cleanse itself even more deeply…. a great way to start a get slim and healthy program.

How to get slim and healthy - 9 ‘Bullet-proof' ways

2. Record your measurements – how to get slim means knowing your starting point!

It’s essential that you have your baseline starting point to track your progress. So, no matter how depressing it may be to face reality, you better crack out that measuring tape! The good news is that you’re never going to be like this again! How to get slim and healthy will start to de-mystify. Track your progress, but not daily. Ideally, every week on a chosen day and a set time, is a good idea. Although if you are following your weight loss program correctly, you already know that your body is losing weight and becoming slimmer.

3. List your weaknesses  – be honest

If you know your weaknesses – they can become your strengths. If you know that you can’t be trusted to buy the right foods for your home, get help to make those healthy choices! Perhaps you know that you need a personal coach or a personal trainer to show up and get you moving, because you know that without them you would be a couch potato. Perhaps your kitchen, fridge and cupboards already have loads of unhealthy foods hidden away. Try to buy all the right stuff, and get rid of the unhealthy stuff!

4. Plan your Get Slim and healthy strategy

Achievements are rarely accidental, so the better your weight loss plan, the more successful you’ll be. Your plan should include better nutrition, more sleep (we need sleep to become slim), earlier meals, early nights to bed, drinking water regularly (lots of it, but less in the evening), and making fresh vegetables a staple of your diet. No one ever put on weight eating fresh vegetables! Plan your healthier life to the finest detail. But, keep it real and flexible as well. If you get knocked off course, don’t get upset. After all, we’re only human. Instead use your essential resilience to get you back on course as soon as possible! That’s what really counts and you will become slim and more healthy. Expect the unexpected on the road to get slim and healthy.

5. Active vs passive

When it comes to achieving something, having an active thought process is always better than a passive one.

  • Always say I am going to the gym, yoga etc…
  • Never say ‘I am going to start doing these things’.

Remember that you’ve already begun. Everything you list is already a fact and you are now doing it every day. I can, I will, I am.

6. Be social

No matter where you go, people will drink alcohol, eat snacky, fatty foods and often unwittingly promote unhealthy behaviour. There is no getting away from this. But, that doesn’t mean you have to hide under your couch (or treadmill) for a year.  Wherever you go, you need to be prepared to breath, eat, and live your ‘New Slim You’ philosophy.  So if you’re going to a party where you know there will be beer and crisps stacked to the ceiling, bring something healthy along that you can share with your friends.  And, if they label you as a ‘kill-joy’ or a ‘health nut’? Well, that’s their problem if they won’t support your decision to become healthier. Ask their advice if they make jokes… how to get slim and healthy can involve them too.

Also, rarely rely on other people’s choices.  If they’re eating something that they think is healthy but you don’t, stick to your guns.  Control certainty. Another way of getting your friends to support you is by getting them to get involved too.  Encourage them to come on healthy walks, or succumb to a dance class (salsa is always fun!). Encourage your friends to get slim and healthy with you.  Of course they may not want to, but then that’s their loss.

7. Reduce portion sizes to get slim

To get slim, you need to burn more calories than you consume, which inevitably means some kind of portion control. You  are not necessarily destined for a growling stomach until you reach your get slim goal. Portion control doesn’t mean you have to eat tiny portions. Here are some suggestions….

  • Drink a big glass of water before you eat. It will fill your stomach.
  • Pile on the veg!
  • Use smaller plates/bowls at home.
  • Hide those enormous ‘goldfish bowl’ wine glasses.
  • Eat foods that require some work! Pistachio nuts with shells, fruit that requires peeling.
  • Avoid buffet style restaurants. Also carvery style places.
  • Don’t graze for friends/children’s plates!
  • If you fancy 2 courses…. go for starter/main rather than main/pudding.
  • …..for more help and advice (eg. nutritional planning, eating disorders), you can contact Max Kirsten and arrange an appointment.

8. Always eat breakfast to get into a healthy routine

No ifs ands or buts! Unless you want to keep or even to get a fat butt. Always eat something first thing in the morning. This will help your metabolism to work faster over the day. Some of my fav ‘breaky’ picks include yoghurt, a little fruit, or organic muesli. They’re all great energy foods. Continue to manage your blood sugars throughout the day by eating little and often. Enjoy the gaps between your meals. Eat earlier in the evening, sip water, and snack on vegetables throughout the day. This is the way to get slim and healthy.

9. Commit to get slim!

How to get slim and healthy……  desires and dreams never become true unless you have already committed to making them true – no matter what. Total commitment is essential. There are no excuses, just get slim and stay slim. Your success at becoming slim is your responsibility, no one else’s. There are no excuses. You are going to get slim. Fact.

10. Exercise to get slim

Lifestyle and attitudinal changes are a fantastic way to achieve your goal to get slim and healthy, but we do need to ‘get off one’s ass’ and get down to some exercise. This will be the subject of our next post!

As a weight loss specialist, and as a clinical hypnotherapist and NLP success coach, Max encourages all his weight loss clients to improve their success, resolve and determination.  If you want success,:

Enjoy your ‘get slim and healthy’ journey.

Good luck!