13 Keys to Boost Your Quit Smoking Success by Max Kirsten

Top 10 Essential Tips to Quit Smoking

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I wanted to kick off the New Year with a series of posts geared toward New Year’s resolution success.  Some of you will be tackling smoking addictions, setting weight loss targets, or simply aiming to be that better version of “You”.

Whatever goal you’ve set for yourself, it’s important to realise that you’re never alone and that support is only a click or a phone call away.

Every few days I’ll release a special post covering a specific challenge – offering exclusive tips on how to approach it, and, above all, how to be successful with it.

So let’s start with one that’s particularly difficult for many people around this time of year.

Here are my Top 10 Essential Tips to quit smoking successfully for New Year! 

Preparation is ‘Key!’

Before we get into these, it is important to remember that preparation is ‘key’ to conquering any New Year’s Resolution.  Many people simply jump in the deep end, hoping the shock of completely going ‘cold turkey’ will spur them forward. This is particularly true for smokers so be careful of this! By taking a more conscience and well thought-through approach to your New Year’s resolution, you are more likely to be successful.

Get Ready to Quit

  1. Plan and set your ‘Quit Smoking’ Date – and then stick to it no matter what. This will be the date you have chosen to save your health, your lungs and your life. Remember it each year. Each year this date will get more valuable to you.
  1. Try switching to another brand for 7-days before your actual quit date. This will make smoking less enjoyable, and much easier to want to quit.
  1. List all your reasons for quitting: Health fears, aging skin, more time with loved ones, life goals, etc. Make a list of these and keep it to re-read often after you quit.
  1. Do this one at least a few days before quitting. Before each single puff on each cigarette, I want you to take a small ‘sip’ of pure water. Then notice how it changes the experience, and taste. Pure water before the poisonous smoke.
  1.  Focus on all the positive benefits of quitting smoking. Becoming a NEW ‘non-Smoker’ means improving your health.  As a result, you’ll have better skin, healthier lungs, more energy, better sleep, fresher breath…the list goes on!  In fact, you can make a list of these benefits and keep it handy.
  1.  Research the facts about smoking.  Find out what’s really hidden in a cigarette, all the cancer causing chemicals in the tar, the 4 poisons, etc.  Most importantly: Smoke while you are reading about it what’s in them!
  1. Drop all your smoked cigarettes into a jar filled with fresh water, and slowly watch it become more and more disgusting.  Do this each day for 7-days before your quit date. Smell it every so often. Yuk!
  1. Work out how much money you will save in a year and what you could do with all this extra cash. Holidays, that new laptop or tablet you want so badly, a new wardrobe… the possibilities are endless.

Get Set to Quit

  1. Throw away all tobacco related products ready to quit. Keep nothing in your home. Don’t even keep e-cigs or nicotine gums or sprays! Make your home into the new home of a ‘non-smoker.’ That is, Nicotine FREE!
  2. Tell everyone that you are quitting, and then that you have quit! Ask friends and family to respect and support you as much as possible.

Quit Now… GO!

To boost your chances of quit success download the Award winning App that the actor Ewan McGregor used to successfully quit! ‘Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten’ for the iPhone and iPad App,  or buy the ‘Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten’ MP3 Download Program for any device or player.

Good luck!


Never take another puff again!

Max Kirsten – Creator of the Award-winning Quit Smoking Now Program



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