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Max helps Jarvis on Radio 4 ‘Wireless Nights’ Special

‘A New Year’s Resolution 2019’ Jarvis Cocker continues his nocturnal exploration of the human condition. He often lies awake at night trying, unsuccessfully, to nod off. But, not one to give up, his New Year’s resolution is to crack this habit and attain the perfect night’s sleep. His restless search leads him to fellow insomniac […]

NEW Quit Smoking App for 2019!

Why I created this NEW 2019 Quit Smoking App? I wish I could help more people at my clinic to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in London. So with that in mind, because it’s January, I’ve just re-launched my the latest version of ‘Quit Smoking Now’ iPhone app for 2019. It’s the best version yet. It […]

Liam Payne finally quits smoking

‘I CAN’T BEAR IT’ Liam Payne finally quits smoking for the sake of his son after employing services of hypnotist who also helped Adele give up The new dad turned to expert Max Kirsten, who also has helped Ewan McGregor the habit From Simon Boyle’s Bizarre column 15th October 2018, 10:51 pm HE’s spent years […]

Quit App that improves your sex life

Hypnotherapist to the stars Max Kirsten launches quit smoking app that also improves your sex life Max Kirsten has helped singer Adele and actors Ewan McGregor and Tom Hardy stop smoking and many thousands more thanks to award-winning app He says his Stop Smoking NOW app that costs half the price of a packet of […]

‘Best Apps to Stop Smoking 2017’

  Quit Smoking NOW with Max Kirsten Medical News Today’s article on the best apps for quitting smoking in which ‘Quit Smoking NOW’ is proudly featured. Get the App on iTunes  Max Kirsten is an award-winning clinical hypnotherapist to the stars and has helped Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor to stop smoking. Kirsten has more than […]

Blinkist interview with The Sleep Coach

in Insomnia, Max Kirsten, Sleep, Sleep Coach /by Max Kirsten Blinkist Podcast Bonus: A “How-To-Sleep” Talk with The Sleep Coach – Max Kirsten, In this special bonus edition of the Blinkist Podcast, we talk to sleep specialist Max Kirsten. Max is a clinical hypnotherapist and an award-winning sleep coach, and he’s worked with stars like Adele and Ewan McGregor. In the podcast, Max […]

He’s stopped singer Adele smoking but can he help me?

 ‘Social smoker’ visits hypnotherapist-to-the-stars Max Kirsten to see if he can FINALLY quit? Max Kirsten stopped Adele‘s 20-a day habit last year before the release of her hit single Hello He helps patients visualize themselves as healthier individuals and teaches them ‘relapse prevention’ techniques to ensure they stay off the cigarettes Kirsten charges £480 for […]

Now you CAN Quit Smoking in 2018!

  So January is the month that most people set out New Year resolutions including of course to give up smoking, quit nicotine, to give up cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, chewing tobacco, nicotine gum, and all forms of nicotine products including electronic cigarettes otherwise known as e-cigs. By now many people would have failed, or at […]

Stop Smoking To Stop Long Term Damage – Smoking Facts

  You must stop smoking to stop term damage. Recently in the press, three tobacco companies had been ordered to pay $15 billion in damages after losing a historic court case. This highlights just how devious the tobacco companies where and how dangerous smoking is to the human body. When I look at all the smokers […]

How to get slim and healthy – 10 expert tips

Let’s face it, to how to get slim and healthy is the hottest topic around, but it takes a little more than just drinking lots of water and eating a few more greens. Yo-yo dieting and spurts of exercise are rarely successful too. Max Kirsten offers individualised programs from his world renown Kensington clinic, tailored to your specific needs. Max has also […]

How to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions!

Now that we are well into the New Year, you’ve probably made – or are thinking of making – some resolutions. But, can you keep them and stick to the plan? Whether you’ve decided to quit smoking, lose weight, get fit or just stop drinking alcohol for a month, there are some great things you […]

13 Keys to Boost your Quit Smoking Success

  Ok: So here are my extra special tips to help you commit to being a non-smoker.  To make sure that in the first few days ( or weeks, or months) you manage to stay stopped – having gone through all the hard work of quitting smoking – detoxifying from nicotine is essential.  It only takes […]

Top 10 Essential Tips to Quit Smoking

I wanted to kick off the New Year with a series of posts geared toward New Year’s resolution success.  Some of you will be tackling smoking addictions, setting weight loss targets, or simply aiming to be that better version of “You”. Whatever goal you’ve set for yourself, it’s important to realise that you’re never alone and that support […]

Daily Calcium will Help you to Succeed!

There’s a very good reason why milk is usually included in most diet plans. Together with other dairy products including yoghurt and cheese, it’s packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, which is needed for strong bones and teeth. In fact, good intakes of calcium, particularly in childhood, the teenage years and early adulthood […]