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How to get a better night’s sleep if you’re feeling anxious during the pandemic. The Independent

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It is supposed to be the most natural thing in the world, but sometimes falling asleep can feel like an impossible task, writes Sarah Young Friday 17 April 2020 10:28  Life in lockdown is not easy, with the majority of the country facing increased financial pressures, anxiety over the health of their loved ones and cabin fever caused by staying at home for days on end. …

Quit Smking Now with Max Kirsten

NEW Quit Smoking App for 2019!

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Why I created this NEW 2019 Quit Smoking App? I wish I could help more people at my clinic to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in London. So with that in mind, because it’s January, I’ve just re-launched my the latest version of ‘Quit Smoking Now’ iPhone app for 2019. It’s the best version yet. It even now has a special …

Liam Payne Quits with Max Kirsten

Liam Payne finally quits smoking

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‘I CAN’T BEAR IT’ Liam Payne finally quits smoking for the sake of his son after employing services of hypnotist who also helped Adele give up The new dad turned to expert Max Kirsten, who also has helped Ewan McGregor the habit From Simon Boyle’s Bizarre column 15th October 2018, 10:51 pm HE’s spent years trying to overhaul his image …

Max Kirsten's Quit Smoking App 2018

Quit App that improves your sex life

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Hypnotherapist to the stars Max Kirsten launches quit smoking app that also improves your sex life Max Kirsten has helped singer Adele and actors Ewan McGregor and Tom Hardy stop smoking and many thousands more thanks to award-winning app He says his Stop Smoking NOW app that costs half the price of a packet of cigarettes will also improve fertility …

Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten - 2017 Special Edition

‘Best Apps to Stop Smoking 2017’

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  Quit Smoking NOW with Max Kirsten Medical News Today’s article on the best apps for quitting smoking in which ‘Quit Smoking NOW’ is proudly featured. Get the App on iTunes  Max Kirsten is an award-winning clinical hypnotherapist to the stars and has helped Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor to stop smoking. Kirsten has more than 15 years of experience in …

Adele Quit Smoking with Max Kirsten's Help

Max helps stars like Adele and Ewan McGregor to stop smoking!

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‘I’LL HELP YOU QUIT CIGARETTES FOR GOOD’  His unusual techniques of tapping into the subconscious mind have helped 50,000 people lay off cigarettes – you could be next MAX KIRSTEN has helped stars including Adele to quit smoking . . .  and now he wants to help YOU. A hypnotherapist who used to puff 40 a day, Max has helped 50,000 people kick …

Daily Mail Review of Max Kirsten's Quit Smoking Clinic

He’s stopped singer Adele smoking but can he help me?

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 ‘Social smoker’ visits hypnotherapist-to-the-stars Max Kirsten to see if he can FINALLY quit? Max Kirsten stopped Adele‘s 20-a day habit last year before the release of her hit single Hello He helps patients visualize themselves as healthier individuals and teaches them ‘relapse prevention’ techniques to ensure they stay off the cigarettes Kirsten charges £480 for three-hour smoking cessation session in …

Max Kirsten's Quit Smoking NOW App Calculator

Now you CAN Quit Smoking in 2018!

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  So January is the month that most people set out New Year resolutions including of course to give up smoking, quit nicotine, to give up cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, chewing tobacco, nicotine gum, and all forms of nicotine products including electronic cigarettes otherwise known as e-cigs. By now many people would have failed, or at least suspended their committed quit, …

Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten - 2017 Special Edition

‘Hello’ singer Adele stops smoking and says goodbye to 20-a-day cigarette habit

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Adele paid a secret visit to hypnotherapist-to-the-stars Max Kirsten. Adele visited Max Kirsten at his London clinic in August 2015 She hasn’t smoked since the 3-hour, £480 session She had previously tried numerous times to stop after warning from doctor Max Kirsten ‘helped her to see herself as a fit and healthy singer’ Singer Adele kicked her 20-a day cigarette habit with a …

Mystery of the 13 year old girl who kept falling down and was helped to health by Max Kirsten

Mystery of the 13 year old girl who kept falling down

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Hope Horncastle’s debilitating episodes might once have been dismissed as ‘hysteria’, but doctors are taking her and other young sufferers seriously. By Eluned Price For four years, Hope Horncastle, now 16, suffered a mystery condition that confounded her doctors. Her legs would buckle beneath her, her torso would go rigid and she would fall to the ground. These distressing episodes, …

Ewan McGregor Stopped Smoking with Max Kirsten's Help

Ewan McGregor defeats stage fright with iPhone app

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HOLLYWOOD actor Ewan McGregor has described using an anxiety therapy app to overcome stage fright in his Broadway stage show. The Crieff-born star said he is using stress-busting techniques ahead of his debut in a production of the Tom Stoppard drama The Real Thing. He has been using a £2.99 app called Conquering Anxiety, created by his friend Max Kirsten, a …

Hypnotherapy for Breastfeeding Mothers and Care Providers

Hypnotherapy for Breastfeeding Mothers and Care Providers

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Hosted by Marie Biancuzzo – with Guest Max Kirsten For many new parents, the first year brings a kind of stress they haven’t experienced before. Here is a little baby, relying on you for his every need–a little baby who cannot communicate what he needs with words but must do so through crying and body language. Baby’s ok, and so …

The Sun

The Sun: ‘I beat smoking with quitnosis’

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Did you fail to quit the ciggies? And again for the New Year? Perhaps No Smoking Day next Wednesday will be your time. The British Heart Foundation have launched their annual campaign and claim that the average smoker will save £7 a day if they manage to kick the habit. If you’ve tried every pill and patch on offer to …

d demonstrate some powerful ways to relax, de-stress and relax.

Max Kirsten at Mind Body Spirit 2012

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‘The Ultimate Stress-Busting Workshop’ with Max Kirsten & Howard Napper. According to The American Institute Of Stress Over 90% of all disease is either CAUSED or COMPLICATED by stress. So what exactly is stress? Why does it happen? Is all stress bad for us? And most importantly, what are the things we can do to control it? This workshop is …

MIND BODY SPIRIT Workshop with Max Kirsten

MIND BODY SPIRIT Workshop with Max Kirsten

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Living Success: Creating the Conditions for the Optimal You Are you truly living in the moment, or is your past holding you back? Become who you really want to be! This deep hypnotic transformational workshop will show you how to access and draw upon the unlimited power and resources deep within you. Begin living your own success story today!

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Hypnotherapy that really does kick the habbit

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I understand smokers,” says hypnotherapist Max Kirsten. “I’ve smoked in the cold and rain, I’ve smoked through flu … I’ve had those blind panics when you run out of cigarettes late at night.” A reformed addict turned therapist, Kirsten is credited with helping a host of celebrities quit smoking including actor Ewan McGregor, who had a 40-a-day habit. McGregor was …