10th May, 2020

Virtual Clinic Online Hypnotherapy and NLP Success Coaching

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Virtual Clinic Online Hypnotherapy And Nlp Success Coaching
Online Hypnotherapy Sessions with Max Kirsten

Virtual Therapy and Coaching Sessions are now part of the ‘new normal’.

Ever since ‘face-to-face’ ‘One-to-One’ therapy stopped seemingly overnight after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Last year as we approached the next decade of 2020 onwards, no one would have imagined that we would have to adapt to a ‘new normal’ after the coronavirus spread across the world.

NEW Online Virtual hypnotherapy clinics, Virtual NLP Success Coaching, and ‘One-to-One’ Sleep Coaching are now part of the safe solution. 

In March 2020, a number of new Coronavirus related words were added to the English language, such as ‘social-distancing’, to ‘self-isolate’, in ‘lockdown’, being ‘asymptomatic, and to ‘furlough’.

And so The Max Kirsten Clinic became The Max Kirsten Virtual Clinic adapting to the ‘new normal’ and in doing so, I able to now offer therapy and coaching to anyone anywhere around the world with Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype sessions, globally and locally.

When I do a Virtual Clinic Hypnotherapy Session, it’s a fact-finding mission, to discover what the client wants to change, and/or modify, and to list their ‘triggers’ and ‘blocks’, and ‘people’, ‘places’, and ‘things’, as they all need to be taken into account in order for the ‘desired change’ to happen successfully. 

I also need to find their essential ‘Why’, (which is the reason or reason(s) powerful enough for them to make the changes really happen in their life. Certain pre-requisites such as either having had enough pain and suffering in order to change, or just their growing sense that change has got to happen soon, and if not now… when?

Another key essential for the virtual clinic is to identify the key role of ‘responsibility’ of the client in the process of making changes happen if they are going to truly be successful and lasting. 

We all want someone to change us, but change only really occurs when we take ‘ownership’ of the journey ahead to make sure that the change lasts, and that the decision made is the decision that you are going to stick to the matter what. 

Accountability, finding your power, these are some of the essential keys required that need to be both identified, understood and owned, even before any hypnotherapy process can even occur. 

The hypnotherapy NLP process usually happens after the first ‘One-to-One’ Virtual Clinic, I can then take my detailed notes from the initial session to create their personalised hypnotherapy recording, it will contain everything needed that they’ve told me embedded, with their vision, the goal ahead, positive mental rehearsal, starting with making their important inner-decision to change.

When I do a Virtual NLP Success Coaching Session, all the work happens in their virtual session, goal setting, eliciting and listing values, identifying blocks, imagining whatever is needed to achieve their goals, and so on. After their coaching session, I often create a recording to help them visualise what it is they want to achieve, and finding the identified inner resources needed for the journey ahead to be successful.

If I’m doing a Virtual Sleep Coaching Session, after identifying the type of sleep problem, long or short term, (acute or chronic), whether it’s difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. Having identified any of the classic sleep hygiene list mistakes that many of us make without realising it, I then outline my own approach to falling asleep naturally, and effortlessly with my ‘ABC of Better Sleep Mindfulness-based Autogenic Sleep Training Insomnia, (ASTI), and other useful modalities.

They will then be better prepared, and can even begin to cautiously look forward to a better night’s sleep, instead of the usual ‘sleep dread torture bed’. 

After the virtual sleep coaching session I usually make a sleep related recording to help them to relax and to begin to let go into the wonderful mysterious thing that we call ‘sleep’.

Learning how to relax and let go is key.

I have been using virtual clinics and zoom for since last year, but now that the coronavirus has changed the landscape of our lives, virtual clinics are the future today! And so for now this IS the safest way to work face-to-face. 

Although Zoom is my preferred platform, using WhatsApp and Skype are just as useful. And even my clients texting me their sleep progress updates, and an occasional phone call are all a part of the therapeutic coaching process, but maybe more so now than ever before.

Virtual Clinics are the way forward for hypnotherapy, NLP Success Coaching, and Sleep Coaching, and in my opinion they are just as effective as the old way of working with clients face to face.

So until we find the NEW miracle vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, at least we can all work remotely Online One-to-One with the experts.

Perhaps one day I will get to work on something with you.

You CAN change!