Hypnotherapy For Insomnia

Hypnotherapy For Insomnia

Insomnia Hypnotherapy In London

Hypnosis For Sleep

If you are not able to sleep, or you keep waking in the night, consider getting Insomnia Hypnotherapy in London. Visit the clinic of Award-winning Hypnotherapist and certified Sleep Coach, Max Kirsten, who can help you with hypnosis for sleep. Sleep disorders are becoming a 21st century epidemic. 46% of adults over age 18 claim they do not get enough sleep at night. Max Kirsten treats Insomnia and anxiety-based sleep conditions with Insomnia Hypnotherapy in London.
Max Kirsten'S Guide To Getting A Better Night'S Sleep - The Times

Online Hypnosis For Sleep & Insomnia

Insomnia is becoming an even greater problem thanks to Covid-19. People are finding it harder to sleep due to their worries and anxiety about the Coronavirus. With lockdowns and restrictions on face-to-face interaction, people feel that getting hypnosis for sleep or insomnia hypnotherapy has become harder. This is not the case!

Max Kirsten offers online hypnotherapy for insomnia and hypnosis for sleep coaching through Zoom or Skype. Online insomnia hypnosis is just as effective as it is in person. Max carefully takes you through the measures needed to ensure your insomnia hypnosis session is a success.

Get in touch with Max to book your insomnia hypnotherapy session today, or visit our sister website insomniacoaching.com.

Insomnia Hypnosis Downloads

You can treat your insomnia from the comfort of your own home using Max Kirsten's insomnia hypnosis downloads.

The Insomnia Cure is Max's second insomnia hypnotherapy download programme, following the success of his ABC of Better Sleep hypnosis download. The Insomnia Cure uses advanced 'letting go' insomnia hypnotherapy techniques and is recorded using Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies. The Insomnia Cure programme fades to total silence, rather than counting you back up again, so you can fall blissfully to sleep as the sleep hypnosis ends.

The ABC of Better Sleep is a powerful hypnotic training programme to help you learn to sleep well. It has featured in The Sunday Times Best Apps In The World list and Healthline.com's Best Sleep Apps. The ABC of better Sleep will teach you how to find a wonderful, restful and natural nights sleep, every night.

Max Kirsten Hypnotherapy
  • I stopped smoking using Max’s ‘Quit Smoking Now’ app years ago. It really worked.
    Ewan Mcgregor Obe
    Ewan McGregor OBE
    Actor & Director
  • It’s amazing! I used to have sleep problems from jet lag travelling across time zones because of my work, but since listening to Max Kirsten’s Sleep Insomnia program, I now sleep so much better.
    Dougray Scott
    Dougray Scott
  • Glad to find hypnotherapist Max Kirsten on Twitter. Discovered his Insomnia apps via The Wall Street Journal. They are amazing. They work.
    Louise Mensch
    Louise Mensch
    Author & Politician
  • I found Max Kirsten’s “Relax Now” app to be totally relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing, and I know you will too.
    Joseph Fiennes
    Joseph Fiennes
  • Max Kirsten is the man for public speaking success coaching.
    Ozwald Boateng Obe
    Ozwald Boateng OBE
    Fashion Designer

"When Was The Last Time You Had A Great Night's Sleep?"

All One-to-One sessions with Sleep Coach Max Kirsten combine advanced clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive sleep psychology, ‘Mindfulness’ based Autogenic Sleep Training for Insomnia with essential sleep hygiene. Learn his unique ‘ABC of Better Sleep’ technique, and you’ll soon learn how to sleep through proven success with hypnosis for insomnia.

Overcome Insomnia and Anxiety-Related Sleep Issues

Max first conquered his own chronic insomnia with a variety of 100% natural drug-free approaches, which included learning self-hypnosis. As he trained to become a sleep coach, learning about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), and Acceptance Commitment Therapy for Insomnia (ACT-I), he also began to develop his own unique Mindfulness based Autogenic Sleep Training for Insomnia (AST-I). He also regularly treats insomnia in collaboration with the London Sleep Centre in Harley Street, London, W1.

Benefits of Sleep

  • Stronger immune system
  • Less unwanted weight gain
  • Clarity of mind
  • Be more productive
  • Less anxiety
  • Better memory

Overcome Your Insomnia Naturally

Lack of sleep is increasingly recognised as a major health issue, with insufficient sleep or insomnia linked to car crashes, industrial accidents, medical and other occupational errors. Unintentionally falling asleep, nodding off while driving, and having difficulty performing daily tasks because of sleepiness all may contribute to these hazards.

Many people suffer from chronic sleep problems, in fact about 70 million Americans suffer from the effects of chronic sleep problems. According to the National Centre on Sleep Disorders Research (NCSDR), sleep deprivation piles on an estimated $15.9 billion to national health care costs in the US each year. This money is not just spent on sleeping pills, but other serious health problems associated with sleep deprivation including:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Heart attacks and strokes.
Using hypnosis for sleep to overcome insomia is a natural way to treat insomnia. A well experienced insomnia hypnotist, like Max, will help you sleep better using the power of your own mind. As an insomnia coach, he can also help you with longer term insomnia coaching from his clinic in London. Insomnia coaching is also available in online sessions through Zoom or Skype.


“Glad to find hypnotherapist Max Kirsten on Twitter. Discovered his Insomnia apps via The Wall Street Journal. They are amazing. They work.”
Louise Mensch
Author & Politician

“It’s amazing! I used to have sleep problems from jet lag traveling across time zones because of my work, but since listening to Max Kirsten’s Sleep Insomnia programs on my iPod… now I sleep so much better.”
Dougray Scott

Hypnotherapy For Insomnia In London

  • A unique combination of natural drug-free approaches for better sleep.
  • Transform your ability to fall asleep naturally.
  • Also visit www.thesleepcoach.co.uk for more info.
IMPORTANT: Please note that the effects of therapy may differ for different clients. No therapy can give you a 100% guarantee of a cure. All clients are required to complete a questionnaire form before undertaking hypnotherapy, in which you will be asked to disclose certain medical information. Whilst clinical hypnotherapy is very safe, if you are epileptic, or undergoing psychiatric treatment, then you should obtain a letter from your medical practitioner to confirm that you may have Insomnia Hypnotherapy in London, Hypnotherapy for Insomnia in London, Insomnia Treatment in London.


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