Nlp Business Coaching

NLP Business Coaching

NLP Success Coaching™ Speaking, Presentations and Interviews for Businesses [y]

With Max Kirsten’s NLP Success Coaching In Person or Online Coaching Workshops and team webinars you will learn how to communicate confidently literally anywhere!
  • How to use communication more effectively
  • Strategies for staying in a confident and motivated state
  • The art of body language and maintaining rapport
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Methods for setting outcomes so that they can be easily achieved
  • Ways to create positive emotional states in others
  • Techniques for modelling excellence
  • The best approach to managing teams
  • Guiding principles when choosing personalities to work together within a team
  • Hypnotic language NLP patterns and how to fire off a person’s “buying strategy”
  • Tactics to dissolve fears and phobias
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NLP Business Coaching In Person or Online Workshops for [y]

Delivering 'real' bottom-line results to business leaders, sales managers & their teams

These are:

  1. NLP Business Coaching for Public Speaking, Presentations, and Interviews
  2. NLP Success Coaching™ for Business Peak Performance and Sales
  3. The Clear Process™ learn how to release the blocks holding back SUCCESS!

NLP Success Coaching™ for Business [y]

Learn NLP Success Coaching™ skills with 'Real' or 'Virtual' workshops and team webinars to optimise your business teams’s performance so they can:
  • Learn how to use NLP for business to improve sales
  • Learn how to speak confidently and to influence your TEAM
  • Max teaches Success Coaching™ skills to optimise TEAM performance
  • How to give brilliant presentations
  • How to sell more effectively
  • How to listen, and how to get rapport with clients
  • How to ‘Close the Deal’
Nlp Success Coaching With Max Kirsten

The NLP Success Toolkit for [y]

Coaching Peak Performance, Perspective, Courage, Resilience, Mental toughness, Positivity, Belief, Flexibility, Relentless Commitment, Motivation, Pragmatism, Responsibility, Persistence, Determination, Absolute Certainty and Power of Intention.

Business team building and performance optimisation can be learned with 'Real' or 'Virtual' workshops and team webinars.

  • Learn how to control and generate “peak optimal states” to achieve sensational customer rapport
  • Optimise the conditions to exceed maximum sales targets
  • Learn how to use the latest powerful, creative, visualisation techniques
  • Learn “In-the-moment” focused performance techniques
  • Learn powerful NLP "goal setting" visualization techniques
These are designed to be experienced by the individuals and the whole team. Both will learn how to:
  • Find and develop their powerful “inner-game” mental skill sets which, once found and developed, will make the experience of face-to-face and telephone client contact, and other ongoing working relationships, an exciting and constantly re-energizing “success loop”
  • Improve focus onto the client’s ever changing needs
  • Recognise that fully functioning dynamic flexible teams are consistently more successful than individuals with talent.“However good you may think you are now … We can help you to be even better!”
  • “You are what you think!”
  • Equip yourself with the right mental tools and you can take back control of your thoughts and your actions. This will help you to achieve your goals and survive this difficult financial climate
    The Clear Process

    'The Clear Process' for [y]

    Learn The Clear Process™ for Business’ and how it applies to the business context, and in your personal life as well. The Clear Process™ approach is an Optimal Health Peak Performance Self-improvement system – as outlined in Max’s book ‘Self-Help: Find your Self to help yourself’, and now The Clear Process™ goes beyond the book… Training in Mental Toughness and Resilience gives people and organisations a competitive edge, you are learning the attitudes, qualities and skills that enable you to perform effectively and thrive under difficult and challenging conditions. Training courses and private sessions for companies and organisations can be achieved with virtual coaching workshops and team webinars.

    “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” is one of the essential keys to master.

    IMPORTANT: NLP Business Coaching involves and requires a willing relationship between the client, and or team and the NLP Success Coach in which the client/s provides information, the coach listens to the client, and the coach reflects information back to the client. Coaching is intended to be informational and educational for the client, and to provide information, support and encouragement for the client’s goals and decisions based on information provided by the client. Client is fully and solely responsible for all information provided to the coach, all information and NLP techniques reflected back to the client by the coach, and all client decisions, actions or inactions resulting from or relating to the coaching experience. NLP Success Coaching™ and The Clear Process™ for business [y].

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