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New Virtual Clinics

New Virtual Clinics

New Virtual Clinics

NEW Virtual Clinics - how it works?

Virtual Hypnotherapy One-to-One

The first part of your Virtual Clinic session will be for Max to understand your desired outcome that you wish to achieve and make detailed notes. The rest of your session will be to outline his approach using Advanced Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) or other dynamic techniques he may also often use.

At the end of your session you will have time for review and feedback. Depending on the reason for your visit, a number of other follow-up sessions may be required.

ALL One-to-One sessions include a separate personalised Hypnotherapy NLP session recording. This will be created by Max after working with him in his Virtual Clinic, for you then to listen to regularly. The recording will usually be made for you on the same day, and then after it as been edited and then formatted, will then be sent to you via email for you to download onto your computer and/or your smartphone.

Virtual NLP Success Coaching

Max uses his NLP Success Coaching skills to help his clients to achieve their goals and dreams. Advanced NLP and visualisation improving public speaking, interviews, improving business sales, better communication skills, achieving better rapport, and you will learn how to achieve the ‘Ideal, Positive, Super-state' to help make anything possible. Maintaining success on your journey, and not ‘self-sabotaging’ is also a key part of good NLP Success Coaching in London. Achieving optimal health and wellbeing are also some of the essential keys that he promotes to achieve the ideal optimal you.

Virtual Sleep Coaching

Max, is also known as The Sleep Coach, and for his natural drug-free approach in treating chronic insomnia in London, and other anxiety related sleep issues and conditions. He often works in collaboration with many sleep specialists, including the London Sleep Centre in Harley Street, London. He has also just written his second book 'How To Sleep' to be published in 2021. Visit www.thesleepcoach.co.uk

*Please note that after Max has made your personalised hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching or Sleep Coaching recording, due to the time taken in the final editing process, your finished recording in MP3 format will be emailed to you usually within 5-7 days, or sooner.

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Max Uses COMBINED 'Fast Dynamic Transformational Therapy' To Achieve Fast Results!

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