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When was the last time you had a really great night’s sleep?

Imagine being able to fall asleep without any stress or anxieties, feeling comfortable and relaxed. Knowing that you will be able to drift effortlessly into a deep sleep and feel refreshed upon waking. This Insomnia hypnosis MP3 download treatment program not only gives you a deeply hypnotic relaxing session, it also re-programs your mind and body to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep. Important Information: Please be aware that MP3 files cannot be downloaded directly to mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads or Android mobiles. You should always download first to a desktop/laptop and then sync to your mobile device.  


Beat Your Insomnia with Max Kirsten’s The Insomnia Cure Hypnosis MP3 Download Pack


Even if you wake in the night for whatever reason you will find that you are able to fall back asleep again easily, effortlessly and naturally!

Following the huge success of Max Kirsten’s first sleep hypnosis program called the “ABC of Better Sleep”, he wanted to create an even better advanced ‘enhanced’ second stage sleep hypnosis program called “The Insomnia Cure”. This new 2nd hypnotic relaxation sleep MP3 hypnotherapy download program is, again, based on his work successfully treating his many patients at his private sleep clinic in London with insomnia and other anxiety based sleep difficulties.

Max Kirsten is known as The Sleep Coach. He specialises in treating insomnia, and all other anxiety based sleep conditions. He is also an internationally recognised award-winning Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach and author.

Max has developed his own award-winning sleep approach based on working with his many one-to-one clients with sleep difficulties. He often works in collaboration with the London Sleep Centre, in Harley Street, London, W1. Max has now developed his own unique award-winning hypnotic relaxation sleep program, available as a hypnotherapy MP3 download, based on working with many of his patients with sleep difficulties.

Many of his Apps and Downloads have won awards, and have even been included in The Sunday Times ‘500 Best Apps in the World’, and in the ‘Best Sleep Apps’ with

So what makes this 2nd sleep hypnosis program different from the original “ABC of Better Sleep” app and hypnotherapy download program?

After creating the original ‘ABC’ sleep hypnosis training program, Max still felt that the whole process of letting go at a more advanced level – let’s call it a 2nd stage level would be beneficial, and also appreciated. So he created an advanced ‘letting go’ hypnotherapy MP3 download recording with Alpha and Theta Brainwave Frequencies that are fantastic to drift off to sleep listening to, and that even more importantly the hypnotic recording has no real ending – as it slowly fades over 40 minutes to total silence… without being ‘counted back up to waking consciousness’ at the end so you can really fall asleep…

The Insomnia Cure hypnosis program also includes 3 additional New ambient recordings to also enjoy ‘drifting off to sleep’ with. They also fade to complete silence leaving you to sleep in peace.

These hypnotic sleep recordings teach you to find a wonderful, restful and natural nights sleep, every night. This program is also designed to help shift workers and those who travel across time zones. Those who have jet-lag, and disrupted sleep patterns, to achieve restful periods of sleep that suit any schedule.

What’s Included In The Insomnia Cure Hypnosis MP3 Download Pack:

  • Almost 3 hours of audio content as a hypnosis MP3 download
  • 3 Main Audio Sessions
  • Introduction
  • Main Hypnotic Sleep Session (fades to silence)
  • Sleep Tips, Sleep hygiene etc
  • 3 Ambient Deep Relaxation Sessions
  • ‘Relaxing Waves’ with Theta waves
  • ‘Rain’ – with Alpha & Theta waves
  • ‘Waves’ – with Deep Alpha waves
  • 40-Page ‘How to Sleep Better’ e-Book

Fact: Millions of people all over the world have mild, acute or even chronic Insomnia – which is a difficulty to fall asleep and/or stay asleep which leads to daytime sleepiness, lethargy and a general feeling of being unwell both mentally and physically.

So if you are one of those people who find it hard to fall asleep, or even to stay asleep, then discover ‘The Insomnia Cure’ sleep program which has been created just for you. This is a powerful hypnotic drifting off to sleep program. It will teach you how to find a wonderful, restful and natural nights sleep, every night.

Remember, that even after only four hours, the brain has gained many of the important benefits of sleep. Don’t worry about getting eight hours sleep, the quality of sleep is more important. Achieve efficient deep sleep rather than worry about the amount.

“It’s amazing! I used to have sleep problems from jet lag traveling across time zones because of work, but since listening to Max Kirsten’s Sleep program, I now I sleep so much better.”
Dougray Scott (Actor)

“I have your app and find it very helpful”.
Dr Martin Sodomsky, MD, Psychiatrist and author.

“I was absolutely skeptical when I bought this. Being a doctor, I demand proof not ‘hocus pocus’, but my shift work was killing me and I was desperate to try anything. This has been AMAZING.”
by Poshdoc.

“Have not been sleeping well for the past few years and have used a number of things that have helped, but this is the best by far.”
Howard N.

“I was skeptical about this type of thing but after not sleeping well for about 6 months and fed up with using sleeping tablets, it was worth a try. All I can say is ‘Amazing!’.”
Rachel R. USA.

“Great app. Have had broken sleep for about 2 years. Only been using this for a few days and its great. I’m sleeping so much better. Thanks Max, well worth the money.”
Rob P.

I wish you better sleep in 2021.


Max Kirsten C.Ht

Certified Sleep Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Success Coach

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