Self Help - Max Kirsten

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Self Help: Find Yourself To Help Yourself

In his first book, Max Kirsten combines some of the most advanced techniques in hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), that have already helped many thousands of people step out of their problems, and into new empowered transformed lives, and go beyond their limiting beliefs into the adventure of their lives! This is it!

Read about his unique vision with personal anecdotes and his life changing exercises that anyone can do. Max offers you the opportunity to help your find your Self and the ‘limitless’ power and hidden resources from within.

Max will explain the power of his unique ‘Clear Process’ and how it can when accessed transform your life.

You WILL amaze yourself with what you CAN do.

You can buy Max Kirsten’s Self Help book online and from all good Self Help bookstores.

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