1st March, 2015

Anxierty Hypnotherapy In London With Max Kirsten

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Anxiety Hypnotherapy With Max Kirsten In London

Anxiety Hypnotherapy in London With Max Kirsten

I treat all forms of anxiety with Hypnotherapy and NLP at my central London hypnotherapy clinic. Over half of all the clients that I see are for anxiety based conditions such as generalised anxiety disorder, free-floating anxiety, social anxiety, perfection anxiety, panic attacks, and all forms of insomnia. Many of the addictions that I treat as an addiction specialist, usually have a chronic anxiety component at the core, which drives people to seek some sort of distraction, whether it be through prescribed medication, other pharmacology including the over-use of recreational drugs, or behaviours like compulsive cleaning, compulsive shopping, gambling and even addictions to watching television, or excessive use of pornography.

Hypnotherapy, when combined with CBT and mindfulness-present-based breathing techniques can help most anxious worriers, and naturally negative imaginers and catastrophizers to snap out of the endless cycle of anxiety thing and then feeling.

I help people to re-set their autonomic nervous systems from being predominantly Sympathetic (fighting flight mode) to rebalance  to the middle where the elusive feeling of calm relaxed safe and warm known as para-sympathetic can happen more frequently. When this happens regularly circulation to the external parts improves, digestive problems like IBS improve, breathing becomes long slow and deep, and more diaphragmatic. Blood pressure reduces, so reducing hypertension and the stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline.

I teach overactive negative imaginers to visualise positively and if they can’t do that as well as they naturally do it negatively, then I teach them how to live in the moment. Where the future negatively imagined has no place. And where dreams beyond your wildest positive imagination can begin.

I have also created a number of hypnosis downloads and hypnosis apps, including my “Conquering Anxiety and Stress” download.

If you have anxiety issues I can help.

  • Contact me to book a one-to-one anxiety session
  • If you’re further away my award-winning hypnosis downloads can help you anywhere in the world.

You are not alone…..

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Anxiety Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

Hello there. My name is mark Ellis. I’m 25, I suffered a stroke 2 years ago and now have major anxieties and panic attacks, I have your app ‘Conquering Anxiety,’ and I’m very pleased with it, I want to go out the house now at last, where as before I was housebound. I love your detailed methods. I will continue to listen everyday. Many Thanks.
Mark Ellis

“I have your app and find it very helpful”.
Dr Martin Sodomsky, aka Dr. Anxiety, is a member of the American Psychiatric Association. Tucson Psychiatric Society (past President). Anxiety Disorders Association of America. and the OCD Foundation. Author of “How to Slay the Worry Monster.”