Overcome Fear With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy For
Pain Management

Hypnotherapy For Pain Management

Hypnotherapy For
Pain Management

Hypnotherapy For Pain Management

Hypnotherapy For
Pain Management

Pain Management Hypnotherapy In London

Clinical Hypnosis is a proven way of controlling and reducing pain. Hypnosis for pain management has been shown to be remarkably effective to provide symptomatic relief for conditions such as joint pain, neck pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), sciatica, spinal stenosis, burns, and a variety of other injuries and pain related illnesses.

The basic premise of hypnotherapy for pain management is to change the way individuals perceive pain messages in order to reduce the intensity of what they are feeling. This can be achieved using a number of techniques which may either be used alone or in combination depending on the condition.

In addition to Clinical Hypnotherapy, you will learn how to practise Self-hypnosis with pain reducing visualisation techniques. It is often helpful to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) to enhance treatment outcomes.

* Note: You will also be taught how to use self-hypnosis to be able to practice pain reducing hypnotic techniques so that once your session(s) have come to an end you will be able to continuing using these natural drug-free pain management skills in your daily life.

* Usually 1-3 sessions.

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Why Manage Your Pain?

Pain impacts on the quality of your...

  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Sleep
  • Sport
  • Wellness
  • Peace of Mind
Successful management of pain can greatly increase the pleasure that you that you feel in all these areas and many more.

What You Need To Do To Manage Pain

The cause of pain needs to be diagnosed by a qualified Doctor so first course of action is visit your GP – it can be caused by short and long term illnesses –

It is possible that persistent pain signals can sometimes still be received by your brain long after an injury has healed – sometimes you can even feel these signals –experience long term pain – You can suffer from pain even when there has been no injury or evidence of damage to the body.

What You Sort of Pain Do You Have?

Pain is usually classed as either acute or chronic.

  • Acute – sudden, sharp pain Nature’s way of telling you to stop! – when your nervous system lets you know that there’s even more danger of damage unless you change or stop what you’re doing Acute pain normally goes when the cause heals for example a burn sprain or broken bone however pain can sometimes persist after healing so it becomes –
  • Chronic – when the pain signals are sent consistently from the nervous system for weeks, months and sometimes even years. It often goes along with a long term illness and can stay with you even after you have recovered because unless you treat pain as quickly as possible because the construction of the network of nerve fibres that transmits pain signals gets stronger the more often it’s used – a bit like a muscle – This means that the pathway of pain to your brain works even better, it’s more sensitive and you feel it more and it potentially starts to stop you enjoying the things you love in life!

Why Develop Your Own Natural Ability To Control Pain?

  • Reduce risk of over-dose – Pharmaceutical opiates release between 2 – 10 times the amount that is released by the body there is a strong likelihood of taking a higher dose than required. Because the amount of pain we can handle varies from so much from person to person accurate doses for pain killers cannot be calculated without on-going clinical measurement
  • Eliminate damage caused by over medication - If too high a dose of prescription pain medicine is taken regularly our brain reacts to the overload by cutting down on the production of the natural pain relievers and ‘feel good’ endorphins that our body produces.
  • Increase safety – Often prescription medications such as long-acting opioids to keep pain under control most of the time and short-acting opioids have side effects which include dizziness and tiredness which mean alcohol consumption, machinery operation and driving are not recommended.
  • Improve Life-Quality – When the body’s natural coping resources fall below normal healthy levels you can be left feeling flat, lifeless, irritable , depressed, nervous, anxious, queasy and unable to enjoy things that use to bring you pleasure.

Hypnosis for Pain Management: How To Manage Pain More Naturally

The injury-free body exists naturally in a happy state of balance. Injury-producing pain disturbs this balance and introduces physical tension, which is a natural self-protecting response to pain.

This tension or stress plays a key part in the mind ↔ body reaction to pain.

The ability to relax is a turning point to learning to reduce pain because relaxing sends a different message to the brain.

This message reverses the process by altering the way the body interprets the signals from the brain reducing the severity of the way the brain de-codes the level of pain from the body. The process is aimed at

‘A progressively softening of the conversation between the brain and body about the level of pain, reducing to a whisper and eventually to silence.’

In a relaxed more receptive state of mind a process can be learned which once learned can be used to reduce the level of pain which can frequently be lowered to levels which allow a much improved quality of life which can be lived without the need for prescription medicines.

This is coupled with other ways of changing levels of sensitivity to pain and can be used to create relief on the following categories of pain:

General somatic pain – Visceral pain – Bone pain – Temporary bone pain – Muscle spasm – Peripheral neuropathy – Circulatory problems – Headaches

IMPORTANT: Please note that the effects of therapy may differ for different clients. No therapy can give you a 100% guarantee of a cure. All clients are required to complete a questionnaire form before undertaking hypnotherapy, in which you will be asked to disclose certain medical information. Whilst clinical hypnotherapy is very safe, if you are epileptic, or undergoing psychiatric treatment, then you should obtain a letter from your medical practitioner to confirm that you may have hypnotherapy.

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