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Invest and Value Your Business Team's health and Wellness

Stress: The Curse of the 21st Century

An estimated 1 in 10  people suffer from work-related stress.

Max Kirsten’s Business Wellness Program is a proven success program delivering effective bottom-line results to business leaders and Teams. Within the program there are 2 trainings, which can be taken individually or as a series of trainings.

These are:

  1. The Corporate Wellness Program for Optimal Health
  2. The Science and the Power of Sleep

The core of Max’s approach to Corporate Wellness is to learn to take responsibility for personal health in three main areas that are underpinned with the essential aspects of self-care:

Mental. Physical. Social Responsibility.

Not only do Optimal Health and Wellness programs prevent illness, they also improve your company’s bottom line. The latest facts and statistics on how ‘ill health’ contributes to the rising costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism (the act of attending work whilst sick), and lowered productivity in the workplace is constantly in the press at the moment. And a great proportion of this can be linked directly to poor personal health and energy. And its costing Big Business literally billions in yearly lost revenues globally.  Activate a positive, effective Optimal Health and Wellness program to transform your company’s performance and health TODAY.

1. The Wellness Program

In order to activate employees to make life changing behaviours it is important for them to be inspired and motivated with powerful ideas to activate the new healthier behaviours.

2. The Power and Science of Sleep

How to achieve better sleep for ‘optimal health’ and peak business performance.

Pioneering a new approach to corporate wellness, he teaches CEO’s, leaders and their teams the ‘ABC for Better Sleep’ and modern sleep hygiene, and how better sleep helps you to achieve optimal health, and how to stay healthy even though times of great stress by using the five simple keys of the Clear Process™ for business.

As The Sleep Coach™ – Max teaches you and/or your team, how to get better sleep and why? How to be healthier as a direct result, and how to stay well by practising greater 'self-care' approaches on a regular daily basis. Optimal Health is the ultimate goal. Feeling well, thinking well, and performing at the highest level, with less time off work due to avoidable mental and physical illness.

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