Hypnotherapy For Asthma

Hypnotherapy For Asthma

Clinical Hypnotherapy For Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the airways within the lungs. When you breathe normally, the bands of muscle surrounding the airways are relaxed, and the air moves around them freely. During an asthma 'attack', several changes within your body stop the air from moving easily around your airways; the bands of muscle that surround the airways tighten and narrow; the lining of the airways become swollen and inflamed and the cells that line the airways produce more mucus, which is thicker than normal and causes difficulty breathing making you wheeze, cough and gasp for air.

Learning self-hypnosis to manage asthma, or going under hypnotherapy for asthma has been proven to be an extremely effective asthma treatment. Creating a relaxed state helps prevent asthma from re-occurring, or at least reduces your symptoms whilst having an attack. Learning calming and breathing techniques can soothe and help during an attack.

It is important to note that my Advanced hypnotherapy for asthma approach is intended to be used in conjunction with your doctor's medical advice, as fast-acting medications are often still required for acute asthma.

* Usually 2-3 Sessions


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