1st January, 2019

New Quit Smoking App For 2019!

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Quit Smoking With Max Kirsten In 2019

Why I created this NEW 2019 Quit Smoking App?

I wish I could help more people at my clinic to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in London. So with that in mind, because it’s January, I’ve just re-launched my the latest version of ‘Quit Smoking Now’ iPhone app for 2019. It’s the best version yet.

It even now has a special section for other forms of nicotine addiction, vapes, Joule, e-cigs, shisha, cigars, docha, sprays, gums, patches  etc…

So now you can quit smoking with my app literally anywhere in the world for about the price of half a pack of cigarettes. It’s the best version yet.

Once downloaded (it’s a very large app so please be patient) ideally with wi-fi/fast broadband it will work anywhere! On a plane, or even in the middle of nowhere as all the audio tracks are embedded in the app and do not stream. So technically the app is bomb proof!

I am already very proud of having created this multi award-winning Hypnotherapy NLP app, it has been at the top of the iTunes App Charts #1 in Medical and the Top 10 many times. My Stop Smoking app has had many honours including VOTED #1 Stop Smoking Hypnosis App by The Sunday Times Newspapers’s ‘500 Best Apps in the World!’  ‘VOTED BEST APP for Quitting Smoking 2017’ by MEDICAL NEWS TODAY! ‘Best App to Quit Smoking’ in New Years Resolutions and many more…

Included in the app are many useful features, including: my quit smoking calculator that not only tells you how many cigarettes you have not smoked, how much money you’ve saved, how long it is that you haven’t smoked, a growing coloured circle helps to see your quit progress as days pass.

However, now since the update it can send you (if you click the button) FREE silent daily support text messages, reminding you for example to use my 60 second craving buster technique! Congratulations texts for all on quit milestones, Congratulations 24-hours, making three days! Congratulations you haven’t smoked for seven days = 1 week! Congratulations 1 month without smoking! Congratulation two, three, four, five, six months, nine months, it’s your birthday ONE YEAR without a cigarette! And so on… every year!

I have taken great care to record and digitally re-master all the main hypnotherapy sessions with the latest advances in binaural-brain-training, blending trance inducing sounds with my voice, including: binaural beats with brainwave entrainment frequencies (alpha theta delta waves), NLP future pacing and analogue marking techniques and full-stereo imaging all to help you transform into a healthy non-smoker!

Historically I first launched my ‘Quit Smoking Now’ app at the beginning of iPhone apps way back in 2009. Over the years I had the privilege and pleasure to help thousands of people to quit smoking, It’s truly an honour, and privilege to be part of a ‘life saving’, and certainly a ‘lung the saving’ process.

It’s also been a honour that so many celebrities have endorsed my ‘Quit Smoking Now’ system, however I am most appreciative of the support of actor and director Ewan McGregor OBE, who has promoted my Quit Smoking Now app over the years, bringing at attention to millions that I alone could never do. When Superstar Singer Adele (Hello) hit the news in 2015/16 that she had finally quit smoking, when it came out that she quit with me, she inspired so many people to want to quit all around the world. That was amazing! More recently singer Liam Payne was in the worlds press saying that he’s finally stopped smoking with me.

So why is my app so effective?

I believe that hypnotherapy alone is usually not enough to help most chronic smokers to quit successfully for good. They need more than that. I believe that the best process for quitting is best as a combination of many things, sometimes called a ‘multi modal’ approach.   So my Quit app contains many things… essential educational information on harms of smoking, and the health benefits of quitting, a quit smoking timetable, what’s in a cigarette? What do I need to do to prepare to quit successfully? A letter from a top cancer doctor/oncologist, how to heal your lungs, how to stay stopped, living life as a non-smoker, how to dissolve cravings, how to relax without a cigarette, inspirational imagery to quit smoking, why smoking not only saves your skin but will actually improve your sex-life, videos that show the harm that smoking does, videos from Ewan McGregor, myself telling you how to dissolve craving, success stories, how to avoid the usual weight gain associated with quitting smoking, what is hypnosis? The top 10 tips for quitting, How to re-grow your lungs, and so much more…

My app contains over 10 hours of recorded audio content including almost 2 hours of advanced hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). This current app I believe it is now the distillation of 15 years smoking cessation experience.

Even if you come to see me at my clinic in Knightsbridge, central London, I always make sure that my client’s download this app to use after their stop smoking 121 session. If they haven’t got an iPhone they download my Quit Smoking Now deluxe MP3 pack which will play on any music player or computer or android phone. I am continually improving the app, however I think the current version is the very best yet. And I’m already getting positive confirmation of this by the many five star reviews appearing on the iTunes App Store since the launch on 29 December 2017.

I’m also proud that this app has helped cigar smokers, e-cig smokers, vapers, shisha smokers and those on nicotine products to break free from their nicotine addiction! As I used to be a chronic smoker myself, smoking up to 40 Malboro Red cigarettes a day until I quit at the turn of the 21st-century. Since quitting I have never smoked again! I practice what I teach, I use all the techniques for stress management so that I have no interest, no desire to smoke ever again. Having watched my mother die of a smoking-related cancer over seven years ago, I have made it my ultimate mission to help as many people on this planet to quit smoking for half the price of a packet of cigarettes!

If you want to find out more about my ‘Quit Smoking Now: Max Kirsten’ App visit the iTunes App Store or visit my website

PS. Please tell all your friends, and loved ones in your family that this app exists, and that it really can help them to quit smoking. Let’s save lives and lungs for 2019!

Max Kirsten

AVOID WEIGHT GAIN: Using Advanced Hypnotherapy and latest scientific advice.
DISSOLVE CRAVINGS: Learn the ’60-second Cravings Buster’ technique.
QUIT SMOKING for LESS than the price of a pack of cigarettes!
PROVEN SUCCESS! 1000’s of smokers have already quit around the world.
REMEMBER: It’s NEVER too late to quit, but don’t leave it too late!

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